Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Map-IT Solutions understands the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) strategy which is one of the most critical aspects of creating knowledge from various data channels and help the management to take timely and accurate decisions with the data at the appropriate time. Our model addresses the needs, style, knowledge acquisition, timely monitoring mechanisms of the available information, ease of access that enforces security and well designed architecture.

Open new markets, improve customer relationships, expand revenue, and forecast future possibilities with the best comprehensive BI strategy. Map-IT’s Business Intelligence Services adds depth to your organization by improving areas like decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance.

End-to-End BI Solutions;

Map- IT Solutions integrated BI solutions provide your stakeholders / partners with quick access to accurate data across the enterprise. We provide your enterprise with a framework that evaluates and improves business needs, and customized solutions designed for your organization with assessment and strategy to architecture. As a result, your enterprises benefit from our continuous access to information to ensure decision-making is well timed.


Map-IT Solutions enterprise reporting options range from simple reporting functionality on top of an existing ERP to solutions that maximize the value of your ERP solutions. Each of our clients benefits from customized, scalable solutions based on their business requirements, needs and technologies.