Our Relationship

Our customers and partners say we are easy to communicate with as opposed to other outsourcing companies. For the reason that our managers lived were your company does its business long enough to understand and appreciate the language, and more importantly the cultural subtleties of doing business your way. We appreciate and share your passion about your business and look forward to cultivating our relationship.

Business Models

Map-IT Solutions offers different business models to meet global clients’ diverse needs.

<p >MAP-IT Solutions makes sure to meet the demands and expectations of the customers. We offer most flexible business model which can be customizable according to the needs of the customers.
Fixed Time/Fixed Price

We offer our customers a fixed time / fixed price model based on the scope and specifications of the project. We will collaborate with our clients to ascertain expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. We guarantee reliability, predictability, and optimized performance of the projects, and ensure time and -budget outcomes using our refined process.


Time-and-Materials model gives freedom for customers to alter the specifications of the project anytime. The said model suits those projects which are complex in nature, prone to frequent changes, enhancement of new features that occurs over the period of time. The customer pays hourly rate, which is agreed at the time of contract signing. The customer has the option to decide the team size any time based on the criticality of the project and to meet the stiff deadlines

Milestone Billing

This payment model is commonly applied to large size/long-term projects with measurable phases/milestones. Billing schedule are agreed by milestone or time period (i.e. Bi-weekly or monthly). This model reinforces project progress tracking and reduces large projects risks.

Offshore Development Team/Centers

We are experts in establishing Offshore Development Team/Centers for its clients. We provide our clients with experienced professionals that possess various skills, resources, flexibility, and time and cost-to-market advantages, which allow for long-term gains of offshore outsourcing. Map-IT’s offshore development centers work in conjunction with the clients’ existing software engineering business. We closely follow the client’s critical business objectives; the software engineering processes, communication and team structures which remains the same as at the client's end. The Offshore Development Team/Centers employees are essentially the client's employees. We provide 24-hour development seamlessly with this model.